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TenPoint7 Cloud

Our cloud-based Machine-Learning-as-a-Service (MLaaS) platform provides a simple, accelerated and attainable path for businesses to become data-driven in a flexible, secure, reliable, and scalable manner. Start focusing on business outcomes and new insights, and leave the rest to us.

Benefits for your business

Our hassle free TenPoint7 Cloud provides numerous operational and financial benefits making it ever easier for businesses to embrace data and become analytics savvy. Explore some of these benefits in greater detail below.

Actionable Analytics
(+) Actionable Apps

Success for TenPoint7 is measured through achievement of customer success metrics. Partnering closely with the customer, we develop a deep understanding of the desired business outcomes. We then proceed to harness business-critical information and develop easy to interpret analytics enabling businesses to make smart decisions driven by data.

(+) Speed to Delivery

Our suite of pre-built data pipelines and analytics apps means limited customization is usually required to meet the specific needs of any business and made available usually within weeks (and not months) on TenPoint7 Cloud. Each app manages the complete end-to-end analytic process from data ingestion across multiple data sources to visualization of insights generated by the apps.

(+) Fully Managed

Dependence on internal IT, analytics and data science talent no longer need to be a barrier for analytics and data adoption. TenPoint7 Cloud is managed 24/7 thereby providing businesses with always-on data and a hassle-free and budget-friendly experience toward becoming insights driven.

(+) One Simple Subscription

One simple monthly subscription covering the creation, maintenance, and support of analytic apps and TenPoint7 Cloud infrastructure.  This provides a unique and tremendous financial plus business advantage for businesses by providing low upfront investment for solutions that meet and deliver on specific needs.

TenPoint7 Cloud Explained

The time has arrived to modernize the way businesses build, provision and use analytics solutions for decision making in terms of approach, technology, and human expertise.  TenPoint7 Cloud gives your business a real opportunity to rapidly convert your data to analytics-driven insights through agile, scalable, economical, analytics apps in the cloud.

Explore the main components of TenPoint7 Cloud below to understand how they can help transform your business.

(+) Platform

Cloud Platform – The core of TenPoint7 Cloud is the end-to-end pipeline starting with data ingestion, preparation, transformation, and modelling of various data types and formats acquired from multiple sources, both structured and unstructured.  The elastic storage and scalable database technologies provide persistence and availability of voluminous data. Relevant Data Science algorithms and tools are built-in for advanced scientific modelling used to generate insights for specific business function use cases.  The final user experience is delivered through interactive analytic Apps that provide a robust library of cloud-based reports, dashboards, and visualization choices.  TenPoint7 Cloud is a secure, scalable and robust SaaS product built on AWS EMR (Amazon Web Services Elastic Map Reduce), and utilizes open-source Apache stack components as well as commercial tools like Tableau, across the entire pipeline.

(+) Experts

Data Experts – All analytics apps developed are managed entirely by TenPoint7 team of data experts including Data Analysts, Data Engineers and Data Scientists.  The team is deployed transparently behind the scenes to understand your business requirements, build the analytics apps specific to your use case, as well as manage and support the solution on TenPoint7 Cloud.

(+) Apps

Analytic Apps – Each app developed delivers on the specific requirements of your individual business using appropriate data science techniques from Machine Learning and text analytics to statistical analyses. Apps are delivered rapidly through an agile project life cycle. Progress is demonstrated frequently throughout with constant involvement and engagement of the business users.  Apps are thoroughly tested, provisioned and maintained on TenPoint7 Cloud and entirely supported by your single monthly subscription.