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Talent Insights

What makes an organizations thrive?  Is it culture & values, leadership, work/life balance, great career opportunities, comp & benefits, or the total package?  TenPoint7’s Talent Insights help organizations get a read on their biggest worth; the intangible assets of their people.  Whether you are a Human/Talent Resource SaaS provider or an enterprise, TenPoint7 offers pre-built configured or customized Apps that meet the specific talent goals of your individual company. We use rapid delivery agile methods, that ensure consistent progress and a high level of business user involvement.  The solution is thoroughly tested, then supported through a subscription.


TenPoint7 Machine Learning (ML) powered Apps help organizations and teams make better decisions on how to engage. The ability to rapidly convert data-to-insights will deliver a better understanding of cultural alignment, at-risk employees, and overall organizational performance .  With an Machine-Learning-as-a-Service (MLaaS) solutions model, you will be able to uncover the value hidden in your talent data, without the cost and complexity challenges, or concerns regarding scarce data science resources. Partner with TenPoint7 and transform your rich data assets into actionable insights.

Solution Overview

Talent Sentiment Insights

Insights into talent sentiment that will assist leadership engage in informed, intelligent conversations with employees by knowing the current state and historical patterns of interactions.


By revealing how optimistic or pessimistic an employee is about the condition of the relationship over time.  This indicator is based on ML Natural Language Processing and opinion mining. Data source include both internal and external data sources.

Talent Topic Modeling

Surfaces past and current hot topics  that leadership and people are conversing about: skill development, cultural alignment, compensation, benefits…


… and other key talent topics. Using topic modeling and named entity recognition (NER) algorithms, surface insights from rich data sources such as, periodic reviews, performance goals, emails, audio (conversation recordings), chats, announcements, and other data formats.

Talent Churn Prediction

Employee engagement and retention is top of mind for every successful organization.  Getting insight into at-risk top-talent…


… is essential to retaining highly marketable and valued employees.  This indicator is based on a number of algorithms (e.g., regression) that surface insights from rich data sources such as, employee 360 feedback, periodic reviews, surveys, as well as public and social rating forums.