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Finance & Operations

In today’s ultra competitive business environment, it is imperative for businesses to make core finance and operational decisions driven by analytics. No longer is this solely for gaining competitive advantage but it is critical for survival. Operational decisions from maximizing labor productivity to yield optimization can have profound impact on businesses in reducing operational and capital expenditures resulting in better business performance and service delivery to their customers.

Our Finance & Operations solutions utilize multiple methodologies and techniques customized to your businesses’ stage of growth and industry. The models we build have the ability to combine multiple datasets across internal transactional data stores as well as external data sources such as social media resulting in robust and accurate models.

Solution Overview

Revenue Forecasting

Traditional forecasting techniques have their limitations in approach and data sources. Forecasts based on status quo methods such as opinions and rough estimates don’t really help in minimizing forecasting errors.

TenPoint7 Solution

With the advent of high performance computing and significant advances in new data science algorithms, newer approaches to forecasting revenue now yield more accurate predictions over a longer forecast period.

Using Machine Learning techniques such as Neural Networks, companies can now improve the quality of their forecasts based on recognizing critical hidden patterns from their historical revenue observations. Such techniques can also identify and detect new revenue drivers and seasons through automation.

Additionally, external data sources such as social media and web when extracted and processed intelligently can further augment and improve accuracy of forecasts based on traditional data sources.

Resource and Yield Optimization

The goal of most operations functions is to continuously improve efficiency across the business including optimal allocation of resource types such as human, physical, financial and operational. In today’s world, effective resource optimization usually happens in poorly defined decision-making environments. Such critical optimization decisions require mathematical rigor, consistency and solid understanding of relevant business processes.

TenPoint7 Solution

Using basic as well as advanced Statistical Analyses methods, TenPoint7 Cloud provides a diverse set of operational analytics and optimization model solutions to companies to help them elevate their operations performance.

Utilizing a multitude of statistical techniques such as Monte Carlo simulations, Time Series Analysis, various Econometric and other methods, TenPoint7 can develop resource optimization models that drive more effective and efficient use of resources across the organization.

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