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Today’s marketers face increased challenges due to the evolving relationship between marketer and consumer across multiple channels. While digital and social platforms provide an abundance of information to marketers, sufficient barriers exist in extracting ROI generating insights from these unstructured data sources.

With TenPoint7 Cloud, we deliver our expertise in big data processing, advanced text analytics, and visualization providing marketers the ability to continue improving the customer and brand experience.

Solution Overview

Customer Sentiment

With an increasing number of customers sharing and discussing their customer experience on the social web, today’s marketers need to constantly extract meaningful information from these discussions and seek answers to questions such as:

  • “Who is talking about my product and brand? “
  • “What and who are they talking about? What online content are they sharing about my brand?”
  • “How are their opinions directed toward my product and brand?”
TenPoint7 Solution

The application of linguistic and statistical algorithms to text data forms the basis of Natural Language Processing (NLP). TenPoint7 Cloud enabled NLP applications allow marketers to uncover insights from their structured and unstructured data assets.

Using Sentiment Analysis, marketers get a better understanding how consumers feel toward their product and/or brand (positive, negative, or neutral). However, human language is complex and filled with contextual nuances specific to a domain. At TenPoint7, we train Machine Learning models over domain specific data so that such nuances are recognized and correctly applied when estimating sentiment.


Creating customer profiles and identifying differences between your customers is an effective step toward providing personalized experiences for them leading to better marketing campaigns. Building such a profile requires gathering various types of data such as transactional, behavioral, preferred channels, and online content sharing.

TenPoint7 Solution

With TenPoint7 Cloud, customer and audience segments can be identified providing a clear understanding of where marketing opportunities lie. Such segmentation is possible using methods such as Cluster Analysis (e.g. K-means, Expectation Maximization) readily available on our platform.

Survey & Research Data Analysis

Mining data from surveys and qualitative research initiatives can yield interesting insights for marketers. However, analysis of such data is a tedious undertaking often due to manual reading of responses that takes place. Such analysis is further prone to errors due to the application of subjective reasoning that occurs with manual code categorization.

TenPoint7 Solution

Natural Language Processing (NLP) based techniques excel in analyzing voluminous survey comments and verbatims. Through automation of Sentiment Analysis detection, tagging, theme identification and response categorization using techniques such as Named Entity Recognition, TenPoint7 Cloud reduces labor and expense typically associated with manual encoding, and instead generates consistent quality and expedited path to early insights generation from survey data.

Campaign Analysis

It is common belief that marketing campaigns are notoriously difficult to measure. Even with the advent of Big Data and analytics, quantifying marketing ROI on campaigns can be imprecise at best. Businesses need intuitive and simple solutions that allow them to measure campaign effectiveness quickly and be part of a sustainable marketing process.

TenPoint7 Solution

TenPoint7 provides expertise in creating effective solutions to analyze campaign performance such as centralized dashboards. Key performance metrics are identified, tracked and displayed on intuitive dashboards allowing SEM teams to acquire a full picture of campaign outcomes on a daily basis. Performance can be tracked in a particular market down to keyword level performance extracted from Google Analytics and Bing reports.

Market Intelligence

The foundation of a successful marketing strategy hinges on how well the business understands that market. A deep understanding of the opportunities and threats presented by the market, what customers are asking, growth potential, competitors strategy and market events are just some factors that need to be considered in analyzing new markets and making informed data driven decisions.

TenPoint7 Solution

Mapping out the market landscape starts with ingesting and aggregating market related data from various data sources. Using pre-built connectors and open APIs, TenPoint7 Cloud provides the ability to quickly extract data from multiple sources, both internal such as web analytics, traffic data, impressions from popular SEMs, to external public data sources, such as population, GDP and other macro-economic data. Regression Analysis algorithms are then utilized to estimate the relationships across all this metadata to uncover illuminating insights on the target market.

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