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Customer Insights

The exponential growth in customer data in recent times creates an immense opportunity for both CRM providers and enterprises to uncover deeper and richer customer insights than ever before. Whether you are interested in pre-built configured or customized Apps, we make sure they meet the specific business requirements of your individual company. We use rapid delivery agile methods, that ensure consistent progress and a high level of business user involvement.  The solution is thoroughly tested, then supported through your subscription.


TenPoint7 Machine Learning (ML) powered Apps help sales teams make better critical business decisions. The ability to rapidly convert data-to-insights will deliver proactive customer service, increase customer loyalty, identify at risk customers, and ultimately create customer advocates in the marketplace.  With an Machine-Learning-as-a-Service (MLaaS) solutions model, you will be able to uncover the value hidden in your customer data, without the cost and complexity challenges, or concerns regarding scarce data science resources. Partner with TenPoint7 and transform your rich data assets into actionable insights that will boost revenue, reduce expenses, retain customers and make a significant difference to the bottom line.

Solution Overview

Customer Sentiment Insights

Insights  into customer sentiment that will assist sales personnel engage in informed, intelligent conversations with customers by knowing the current state and historical patterns of interactions.


By revealing at risk customers, customer advocates, as well as overall trends associated changes in key business activities., This indicator is based on ML Natural Language Processing and opinion mining that is used to see how optimistic or pessimistic a customer is about the condition of the relationship over time.

Sales Topic Models

Surfaces past and current hot topics  that sales/service people and customers are conversing about: products benefits, competitors, logistics, etc.


Using topic modeling and named entity recognition (NER) algorithms, surface insights from rich data sources such as, CRM interaction notes, emails, audio (conversation recordings), chats, announcements, and other data formats.

Sales Forecast Insights

Improved forecasts by smartly using internal transaction data along with external data, such as relevant economic data and sales drivers such as GDP,  industry indicators…


… weather, and seasonality. A rich data pipeline which handles ingestion, preparation, transformation, plus ML regression-based algorithms are used to generate more accurate and predictive models.

The TenPoint7 team quickly jumped in, understood key aspects of our business, and worked on important analytics related to churn, quality, and performance. Our business users were impressed with the quality and accuracy of the metrics.

– Ed Sarausad | Director, Program Management, Avvo

We looked to TenPoint7 to help us leverage our data rich customer relationship, product, and transactional environment to develop tools that would advance our understanding of customer purchase patterns, elevate our discussion and engagement about their specialty product needs, while improving our client’s and Xenon Arc’s supply chain, financial position, and inventory management. No easy ask!

– Mica Zuniga | Director, Xenon Arc

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