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Make every decision a better decision; more insight through predictive Apps


Rely on both Intuition AND Insight Apps… 1+1=3

Smart businesses decision makers have progressively used advanced analytics as a key part of their decision making approach to prosper and beat out the competition. TenPoint7 provides a growing list of analytical Apps that help businesses capitalize on their rich business data, publicly available data, and social data to get ahead of challenges from Marketing to Finance.

Our pre-built and tailored Apps are quickly provisioned on the TenPoint7 Cloud, extracting high quality insights using data science to yield promising opportunities for significant cost savings and revenue upside.  Check it out below!


Customer Insights

We help enterprises and SMB CRM SaaS providers reveal vital insights from customer data, publicly available data, & social data to help them attract, engage, and retain valued customers.


Marketing Insights

Using advanced Text Analytics techniques, we extract insights across multiple marketing channels to help marketers make informed decisions on content and strategy.

Finance & Operations Insights

From revenue forecasting to yield optimization, we deliver business value through advanced operational analytics driven by Machine Learning and statistical analysis.


Talent Insights

Smart businesses realize their biggest worth is the intangible assets of their people.  TenPoint7’s Apps provide insights into cultural alignment, top-talent churn, & other valuable indicators.

We needed a partner to manage our analytics infrastructure, but TenPoint7 delivered much more by providing business experts and data scientists to identify new (healthcare) analytics and drove insights for our customers.

– Justine Norwitz, CEO, BenchMarket Medical