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Consulting Services

In addition to our Machine-Learning-as-a-Service (MLaaS) products on the TenPoint7 Cloud, we offer consulting services for our clients. We have data consultants and data scientists that participate on your business intelligence, analytics, or big data projects. When needed, our consulting team provides a detailed assessment of your current analytics or data warehouse environment in preparation for subscribing to the TenPoint7 Cloud. We can also apply and integrate data science driven models into your existing processes either through our cloud services or on premise solutions.

When we build custom analytics apps or implement our packaged analytics apps, we follow a structured Approach with an Agile methodology. A seasoned program manager or project manager will guide the effort assuring the right data engineers, data scientists and quality assurance engineers are participating effectively.

Collaborative Approach

Business Intelligence


Our approach applies agile development and project management principles throughout the effort, continuously collaborating with client business and technical stakeholders.


From advisory to implementation services, we help you best utilize your data assets to uncover answers to your critical business questions.

Advanced Analytics


Our data science team provides extensive exploration and modeling expertise in helping you build analytical solutions on structured & unstructured data.


The Agile iterative process help us to shorten development cycles and speed up business request clarification. Therefore, Agile allow us to deliver value in weeks–or even days –rather than months, years.

We’re here to team with you on your data initiatives.