Proactive Support in Customer Service
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Proactive Support in Customer Service

Machine Learning will be the difference in your ability to provide proactive customer service, increase customer loyalty, identify at risk customers, and ultimately create customer advocates in the marketplace.

TenPoint7 provides Machine Learning applications that reveal the sentiment of customers towards your company, your products and your people.  This sentiment is trended over time so you can understand changes in how customers are feeling about your products and services and you can immediately be alerted of negative and positive trends.  These NLP (Natural Language Processing) Apps process your text interactions with customers including emails, instant messaging text, notes and comments from CRM or ERP applications, blog post comments, social media, or any other digital methods that customers are discussing your company and products.  Additionally, models are generated so you can understand the topics of discussion and uncover actionable insights about those conversations such as product quality problems or insufficient resolution of issues.  Sales personnel can engage in informed, intelligent conversations with customers by knowing the current state and historical patterns of interactions with the customer resulting in better adoption of existing products and sales of new products.

By understanding the interactions and drivers that result in disenfranchised customers, TenPoint7 can then predict which customers are on a path to become dissatisfied.  This is the ultimate in proactive customer service, where you can make changes to your business or provide special attention to certain customer needs before it even becomes a problem.

It may seem daunting to reach this panacea of proactive customer service requiring that you create a team of data scientists and data engineers, implement or develop the infrastructure and software for a machine learning platform, and then execute the projects and discover the insights.  Luckily you don’t need to.   TenPoint7 Cloud is a MLaaS (Machine Learning as a Service) offering that includes the experts, platform, and apps allowing you to quickly and economically retain customers and grow with them using the latest advances in technology.  You can learn more about TenPoint7 Customer Insights HERE

This article by Steven MacDonald provides some excellent approaches to provide proactive customer support.   Combining these ideas with the right technology from TenPoint7 will result in loyal customers that are advocates for your business.

Pat Roche (Co-Founder,